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ACB27 Gas Testing Chamber

vacuum usb

This customised ACB27 has two inlet valves for gas feeds, three vacuum USB feedthroughs for an array of sensors and a UKAS calibrated 70mm digital vacuum gauge for super accurate measuring while testing.

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Modified ACC34-PT

This customer wanted an ACC34-PT but with modifications to the submerge plate. Rather than use the submerge plate attached to the lid to push the product under water, they wanted to suspend their product into the water from above. this simple modification, turning the submerge plate into a stand, was perfect for them.

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Custom ACB96-FL

This acrylic package testing chamber was one of two designed around testing the seal integrity of the foil lid on a cartridge. The test rig holds around 50 cartridges and the operator needed good 360 degree view during the process. Acrylic vacuum chambers are ideal for applications like these, however this product has potentially dangerous […]

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Bespoke ACB64-FL – LTEC

This innovative project saw a lot of ‘out of the box’ thinking and needed some careful designing and planning along the way. The finished item, however, looks stunning and is well up to the application it is intended for. The customer came to us a few months ago with an application in mind and some […]

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