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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that we get asked on a regular basis, Please take a few minutes to read them and hopefully they will answer your questions. 

If we can assist you in any further Vacuum related questions that you may have then please call, email or use the contact form on our contact page.

Where do I buy acrylic chambers from?

Take a look at our Acrylic Chambers section and decide whether you need a complete kit with a vacuum pump or just a vacuum chamber and submit an enquiry through our contact page.

Where do you supply degassing equipment to? 

We have sold our Industrial Vacuum Equipment all over the UK, Europe and World. From small private hobbyists to large multi national businesses. Just get in touch and exact delivery times and prices can be quoted for at the time of enquiry. 

How large can you make an acrylic chamber?

The largest chamber we supply is the ACB96-PT & this can be supplied with or without the submerge plate for a simple acrylic vacuum box chamber. The exact size & dimensions are on the specification sheet but roughly 500mm cubed are the limits of the machining capabilities. Any larger than this would require extremely thick acrylic and the use of many stiffeners, anything bigger than the ACB96 is recommended to be made from other materials. See our website for our bespoke steel chambers or steel degassing pots.

What is the ultimate pressure for your acrylic vacuum chambers?

Our chambers are pressure tested down to a pressure of 1 x 10-2mbar, any lower than this and you will begin to get outgassing issues with the acrylic and pump down times will be severely affected down to 10-3mbar. If you require a low ultimate pressure, then steel chambers like the powder coated mild steel or 304L stainless chambers with an aluminium lid and glass viewport on our site are recommended.

What is the pump down time for a clean degassing chamber? 

The pump down time for a Clean chamber will depend on the size of the Vacuum Chamber and the size of the Vacuum Pump. We have a calculator to work this out based on the chamber size and pumping volume per hour of the pump so please contact us before purchase so we get the right equipment to you the first time. 

How soon can I receive my vacuum system? 

Applied Vacuum Engineering have an extensive stock of Vacuum Degassing Chambers in stock for delivery within just a few days. if an item is not in stock the lead time on our general stock is 3-4 weeks. Custom equipment can range from 4-6 weeks to 10-12 weeks depending on how much customisation and if PLC automation and integration are required.

Who supplies cheap vacuum pumps in the UK? 

At Applied Vacuum we have a vacuum pump for every budget and can usually find one to suit your needs. 
Please contact us with further details of the work that you are doing and we will help you get the right pump for your project.