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Below is a list of accessories and spares related to our acrylic vacuum chambers that we keep in stock ready for next day dispatch, the list is not exhaustive and we stock many other vacuum specific products. For more information, or you are looking for something specific, enquire on our contact page or head to our main site, where you can see what other vacuum spares and accessories we stock.

For ordering, enquiries and availability:

Vacuum Pump Oil AVE 32

High quality vacuum oil suitable for our range of DVP vacuum pumps models LC.4,LB.8,LC.12 and LC.20.

  • AVE32-1L 
  • AVE32-5L 

Vacuum Pump Oil AVE 64

High quality vacuum oil suitable for our range of DVP vacuum pumps models LC.25 and LC.40.

  • AVE64-1L 
  • AVE64-5L 

Vacuum Hose

Wire reinforced clear PVC vacuum hose, lightweight and flexible, strong, Smooth inside and out.

​Available in two bore sizes:

  • 10mm I.D
  • 1/2″ I.D

Vacuum Hose Clips

​Unex Hexagon Head Hose Clip – HC14-19

Available in 1 size – Clamping range 14.0 – 19.0 mm (will fit both our vacuum hose’s)


  • Clips will seal at vacuum pressures (unlike Jubilee clips)
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Durable and rust proof
  • Hose life often improved due to low friction inner band
  • Ideal for use with soft tubing

Vacuum Regulator

Certain mixtures and processes require careful degassing otherwise essential volatile components may be removed altering the composition of the mixture. This vacuum regulator is a perfect way to control the vacuum.
Most vacuum regulators regulate the pressure by bleeding air into the vacuum circuit which can be damaging to the vacuum pump as it has to constantly work against the leak in the circuit. This regulator is positioned between the pump and the chamber and precisely controls the vacuum pressure without bleeding any air into the circuit except when the vacuum pressure is decreased using the dial, in which case air briefly enters the circuit through the atmosphere port on the regulator.

Vacuum regulator model IRV20 specification:

  • Vacuum gauge
  • 1/4″ BSP female threaded ports (1 each side)
  • Maximum flow 240 l/min 

Vacuum Dial Gauge

​This gauge is used on all our systems as we have found the reliability and quality to be excellent, unlike cheaper gauges offered by many of our competitors. 


  • Bourdon tube pressure gauge.
  • Stainless Steel case.
  • Nominal size 63mm diameter.
  • Dual scaled to read in bar (outer scale black) and in Hg (inner scale red)
  • Range -1 – 0 bar/ -30 – 0 inHg
  • Laminated safety glass window.
  • Bottom entry connection 1/4″ BSP.
  • Connection position – lower mount.
  • Accuracy class: class 1.6.

Can be supplied calibrated if required.

Rubber ‘L’ Gaskets

Fully formed rubber L shaped gasket – NO JOIN, available in nitrile and viton

  • 6″ – NL6 
  • 8″ – NL8 
  • 10″ – NL10 
  • 12″ – NL12 
  • 15″ – NL15 
  • 18″ – NL18 
  • 20″ – NL20 
  • 22″ – NL22 
  • 6″ – VL6 
  • 8″ – VL8 
  • 10″ – VL10 
  • 12″ – VL12 
  • 15″ – VL15 
  • 18″ – VL18 
  • 20″ – VL20 
  • 22″ – VL22 

For enquiries, quotations and availability: